• I am grateful for the Mission because if it wasn’t for you, there were times when I wouldn’t have had anything to eat. One of the best things that has happened in a long time is the new eye glasses I got at your clinic. They helped me out a lot! Now I can see again and am starting back to work. God bless you all!

  • Dear Old Town Mission Friends, You have been so kind to us these past months and we are very thankful! My husband was down from a serious work injury and we lost income. Your help with food and clothes have gotten us through, we were almost evicted. I have since gotten a night job, which is helping, and my mother watches the kids. We are doing better because of you. The help you give keeps us going. I know we will make it. God bless all you do. Thank you.


The Old Town Mission has a rich and valuable resource found in the unique talents and expertise of its volunteers. With over 300 volunteers annually who donate over 26,000 hours, the Mission is able to offer a variety of specialized programs to its clients, with minimal cost to the organization.

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Each day Old Town Mission provides between 200-300 men, women and children with services like meals, emergency food, clothing, hot showers & haircuts, and much more! From monetary to material to various levels of service, your support helps us help our Verde Valley neighbors in need!

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VOTED BEST THRIFT STORE 2012!! Our Thrift ministry relies on people like you to donate usable goods for resale. Your charitable donations help us provide for those in need by funding Mission programs and services, as well as providing affordable items to the community.

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